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tue 24 dec 02

+ merry xmas to all ... and a little song:

no more lives torn apart,
that wars would never start,
and time would heal all hearts.
every one would have a friend,
and right would always win,
and love would never end.
this is my grown-up christmas list.

a little sappy perhaps, but the notions are elevated and correct.

+ it were quite cold on the walk this evening.

+ farolito walk this evening:

farolitos on old chevy, december 24, 2002.

paper balloon takeoff, december 24, 2002.

singing around a bonfire, december 24, 2002.

+ heading off for the canyon road farolito walk in a bit. dressing in *many* layers. got my 'long snuggies' on [in-joke] ...

+ 'silent night' ... in klingon. basque is cool, too. the 'silent night museum.'

+ cross-eyed stereo images of snowflakes. okay, now i've got a headache ... but it's worth it. via milov.

+ about.com: guitar tab and lyrics for christmas songs. the first noel, for two guitars.

+ from the dm! dustbin: pics from last year's canyon road farolito walk.

+ learner.org: collapse: why do civilizations fall?

+ national geographic: kayaking to timbuktu, writer sees slave trade, and more.

+ artnet: fantasy underfoot. at the corcoran, in washington, d.c.

+ sourceforge: news php advanced.

+ unix review looks at mandrake linux 9.

+ o'reilly: open source christmas.

+ wired: a new type of avalanche radio beacon. for climbers, skiers, etc.

+ slashdot: new jersey enacts 'smart gun' law.

+ slashdot: satellite imagery used to trace the route of lewis and clark.

+ weekly standard: *for* the madding crowd. novels and novelists.

+ spiked-online: eat, drink and be merry.

+ prospect: university funding. "there is also the danger at some point in the future of american isolationism. at the moment, america pays for a vast amount of the basic research in the world. america can easily at some stage say, why are we doing this? we should not be over-dependent on the u.s."

+ reason: but is it outsider art? "the chief problem, says co-director caroline kerrigan, is that coleman has been to art school, thus removing him from the ranks of the self-taught."

+ ny times: debate erupts over authors of the dead sea scrolls. debate? from what i've heard, this is a vicious war ... it is important to modern organized religion that the dead sea scrolls remain the product of a sect, and not the mainstream.

+ ny times: boulder, co and oakland, ca join the suit to fight global warming.

+ ny times: wtc dust less toxic than thought. don't you just love these after-the-fact, liability-reducing studies? especially ones that: "... did not directly test whether people had deeply inhaled any of the dust."

+ ny times: nuclear fear as a wedge. north korea, of course. explores the political aspect behind the current threats.

+ santa fe new mexican: streets will close for annual farolito walk. hopefully i'll get some good, if frosty, pictures tonight.

+ reuters: bush grants first pardons as president. what a joke.

+ cnn money: chain store sales sluggish. reuters, grim numbers, economy is struggling. waiting for the post-xmas sales, as i am.

+ all the talk of snow in the news yesterday begat ... nada. not a wisp. when i left santa fe proper last night, it was snowing quite hard. i'm only a few miles east; a different microclimate. i'll be heading into town later, i'll see if they got what we missed.

+ i'll can the 'friendly reminders.' it's xmas eve, you've got today to finish your shopping. get yer rear in gear!