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thu 26 dec 02

+ ny times/ap: photographer herb ritts has passed away. play chris isaak's "wicked game," think of the video ... that was herb ritts.

+ sunset this evening, interesting cloudage:

sunset, santa fe, december 26, 2002.

+ msnbc/washington post: bush's "compassionate" agenda lacks. "the compassionates win a lot of rhetorical battles, but when you look where the budget is, it shows hardly a hint of the compassionate."

+ cnn: for stores, possibly the worst xmas season in 30 years. keep an eye out for them sales.

+ freshmeat: 'xm', xslt make.

+ ny daily news: a cop suspended for refusing to arrest a homeless man received a gift of $3,000 yesterday - donated by grateful homeless advocates and street people.

+ weblogs ping google?

+ new scientist: heaven forfend. gm wine.

+ scienceblog: the search for cholesterol absorption genes narrows.

+ washington post: grote reber, builder of the first radio telescope, has passed away.

+ african-american: christmas, designed to curb civil disobedience? what would thoreau say? [interesting, that santa rode a broomstick. potter's in good company, eh?]

+ bbc: niger denies selling uranium to iraq.

+ abc: remember afghanistan? apparently, we could still 'lose', for simple lack of attention.

+ phpbuilder: converting xml into a php data structure.

+ abc: oil slick reported in australia's great barrier reef. some natural features defy a single country's ownership; i read this, and felt like i've been punched in the stomach. i hope they catch the folks.

+ scotsman.uk: high art floored by low morals.

+ ibm developerworks: python and db2 for linux, tutorial.

+ dual-screen laptop.

+ prospect mag: travel writing is dead? "we really have ceased to dream of 'the world wide open before us.' we appear to dream of very little." speak for yourselves.

+ telegraph.uk: medicine put under the knife.

+ independent.uk: that sinking feeling. cruise ships. "i've just spotted two people under 80 ..."

+ ny times letters to the editor: why teddy bears last. they were "open source?" and, racism, still with us.

+ ny times editorial: the korean crisis. the issue is not just "will they use it," but "who will they sell it to?" also.

+ ny times: 2002, the year that pop lost its popularity. "country is the new pop."

+ santa fe new mexican: taos discusses traffic routing. and in right good old west fashion, hanging the engineers if they screw it up.

+ santa fe new mexican: excavation reveals spanish colonial life. easterners are often surprised that our palace of the governors is the oldest continuously-occupied public building in the united states; santa fe was settled in 1607, but the spanish had been in the area for quite a while. british subjects landed at jamestown in 1607. the pilgrims didn't show up on american shores until 1620. santa fe also sports the nation's "oldest house" [1200's? scroll down], but that is yet to be definitively proven. later: of course, i forgot to mention the oldest-continually-inhabited structure in america, taos pueblo.

+ ny times: persistent drop in fertility reshapes europe's future. maybe i'm weird, but lower population can be a good thing, too.

+ reuters: first woman in a division 1-a football game. and from new mexico, i might add. go katie!

+ cnn: boston's "big dig" unearths history.

+ antipixel: bullet phone.

+ happy boxing day!