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fri 27 dec 02

+ ever heard of a bashkir curly? a hypoallergenic horse.

+ sunset this evening, jpg didn't capture the subtle pinks and reds:

sunset, santa fe, december 27, 2002.

+ the atlantic, december 18: in defense of the forests. looking back at john muir. the john muir global project [good linkage]. the sierra club's john muir exhibit. and, of course, the muir-o-matic.

+ snipsnap has difficulties with the k-log mailing list.

+ economist, december 19: marx after communism. linked because i've seen the 'polarity police' throwing the baby out with the bathwater again. also, from the same issue: the new puritans. "father, i have sinned. i couldn't do 12 reps."

+ cnn: the united nations says north korea has violated the 1953 demilitarized zone agreement. they've brought light machine guns into the dmz. step by provocative step. depressing to have my longstanding concerns about north korea fulfilled.

+ cnn: george roy hill, director of 'butch cassidy and the sundance kid,' and 'the sting', has passed away at 81.

+ speaking of firearms ... backyardartillery.com. yeah well ... i wanted a 'wrist rocket' when i was a kid, too. but remember ... "you'll shoot your eye out."

+ an edward hopper scrapbook.

+ deadman's redirect 7.6.

+ msnbc cosmic log: god vs. science. and a time to every purpose, under heaven.

+ science daily: did early migratory humans mate with the locals? sounds like 'paleo-prejudice' going on.

+ forbes: ich bin ein tort lawyer. see how you feel about this; contrast with the in-vogue 'profit motive is always good' philosophy.

+ times of india: clint eastwood sues over biography. an atheist and a wife-abuser? it's hollywood ... c'est normal. predictable.

+ la times: in afghanistan, guns hold sway over law. sounds a bit like the cattle baron old west. we still have folks in new mexico shooting each other over territory. get a gun, play god; but i doubt god would ever trade water rights for a life. a trigger-pull in haste, and the world is forever changed.

+ php 4.3.0.

+ builder.com: analyze mysql databases with sqlyog. graphical.

+ sitepoint: leaning towards co-location.

+ xml mag: parse xml data from strings.

+ washington post: living with liberals. or, conversely, 'whistling dixie.' i know of some who are convinced one must have a southern accent to enter politics.

+ telegraph.uk: michelangelo felt 'worthless.' may seem easy to prescribe him a prozac, but the use of ssrti's on creatives is an open question. for some, angst and tragedy are their creative center.

+ linuxworld.au: finding an opening. in re: open-source databases.

+ linux orbit: a newbie tackles redhat 8 on a presario laptop.

+ dp review: 2000mah aa rechargeables.

+ jphotobrush. java photoshop?

+ slashdot: sgi's new r16000.

+ times.uk: on gluttony.

+ times of india: u.s. is courting war, says north korea. i find our nation artificially calm, given our latest venture into nuclear brinksmanship. nobody in phoenix, az or madison, wi are talking taepodong 2, yet they might be under its umbrella. [ related ]

+ ny times letters to the editor: dividend tax cut, winners and losers. er, the corporation will be guaranteed the tax cut; we taxpayers will not be guaranteed new jobs and fresh investment as a result of the cut. bad investment.

+ ny times op-ed: kristof, a toast to moral clarity. moral dishonesty is making moral judgments matters of taste, social judgments, or legal judgments. emphasize the objective, not the subjective.

+ ny times: life under the ozone hole. human-caused or not, this highlights why we should quickly wrap up 'global warming' research, and continue to diminish our greenhouse gas emissions.

+ ny times: "stealth billboards."

+ ny times: kevin mitnick may return to the internet next month.

+ ny times: i *think* they like 'chicago.' hope z-j has taken acting lessons since 'entrapment'; i returned that movie after watching ten minutes. t & a isn't enough to save that film. and 'the hours' sounds brooding, a film for more cerebral moments.

+ ny times: the u.s. revises sex information, and a fight goes on.

+ ny times: as patents end, price of generics surges. vipers. thieves.

+ santa fe new mexican: endangered species benefit from viagra sales. sample packs with shania twain's new album? sorry.

+ santa fe new mexican: herb ritts was a part-time santa fean. new york times obit.

+ santa fe new mexican: lanl tree-thinning program makes progress. those of you following my logging/thinning/undergrowth clearing rants, read this one.

+ cnn: surgeons threaten a walkout over insurance costs. tip 'o' the iceberg, methinks.

+ common dreams: corporate personhood is doomed. we need a groundswell of support for this; democrats, here's a plank for your platform. [ related ] via mefi.

+ ever have one of those mornings when you get up, put your lenses in, and go cross-eyed?