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sat 28 dec 02

+ the hindu: small arms, light weapons = mass destruction. do read this one. this paragraph struck me solidly: "the militarisation of daily life adds to general levels of instability, blurring the boundaries between warfare, crime and local disputes. in these environments, non-state actors are often better armed than the police. fuelled by fear and oppression, individual citizens may acquire arms to defend themselves, their families and property." you will hear me use the 'militarisation of daily life' in this weblog again, i'm sure. it's too fine to forget.

+ ny times: ranchers bristle as gas wells loom on the range. "for two sleep-deprived years, he endured the incessant yowl of a methane compressor, a giant pump that squeezes methane into an underground pipeline. [snip] (he) stormed out of his house at midnight last year with a rifle and shot at the compressor until a sheriff's deputy hauled him off to jail." ranchers and environmentalists, arm in arm. pigs can fly.

+ ny times: asia's splits deepen korean crisis.

+ bbc: vatican to release nazi files. that is, what files are left.

+ toy recall database.

+ earthtrends.

+ washington post: bush's moonshine policy. stop diddling with iraq; deal with the real crisis.

+ the register: laptop durability testing in the czech republic. videos available.

+ overclock intelligence agency: swiftech h20-8500 watercooling kit review. in spite of my aversion to mixing water and electricity, this intrigues. silence is to be admired.

+ slashdot: military healthcare data stolen.

+ sydney morning herald: harold bloom's at it again.

+ sf gate: 2003 is the year of the blues. given the world geopolitical, economic outlooks ... this sounds like an excellent choice. cue stevie ray, "couldn't stand the weather" ...

+ sydney morning herald: you talkin' to me? i love quotations. quotations are, for me, a quick way of accessing 'prior art.' i may be thinking about a certain subject, spin through bartlett's familiar, and find a couple of sources for further perusal. there is so much to learn and enjoy.

+ globe and mail books: tangled up in quantum.

+ times of india: u.s. offers turkey aid in event of iraq war. we offer you money, you give us access to bases. definition.

+ times of india: skydivers jump from world's tallest building.

+ ny times op-ed: keller, who's sorry now?

+ ny times: spiritual connection on the internet.

+ ny times: deficit spending can help republicans. "the political economists concluded that voters supported the republicans' emphasis on tax cuts and on military spending. that part stood to reason, but the second conclusion was less straightforward: by pursuing extra spending and casting the nation into deep deficits, the republican administrations tied the hands of their successors. if a future democratic administration wanted to spend money on its agenda of social welfare programs, it would have to raise taxes a prickly political proposition." this situation plays out in state governments as well; the kean/florio switch in jersey illustrated this effect all too well. a repeating pattern that the democrats simply *must* learn to address while the republicans hold office.

+ the new york times magazine is looking back at those who have passed away in the last year. here's two: abu nidal, spike milligan.

+ ny times: on target and off in 2002.. representation without taxation, amoral pragmatism ... good stuff.

+ santa fe new mexican: air force *finally* pays for dummy-bomb drop.. such a compassionate response, eh?

+ santa fe new mexican: gas heating bills will continue to rise.

+ reuters: an active mind may keep alzheimer's at bay.

+ a cold, clear morning here today.