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+ mon 30 dec 02

+ ny times: meet mr. neanderthal, on his own two feet. too much to hope they'd built the audrey hepburn of neanderthals, i guess.

+ athimerosalattorneyforyou.com. no comment. look at the list on the left hand side (in unreadable pink). the lasik link is a bit scarey, what?

+ song dedication tonight goes out to the new york prosecutors in the central park rape case: living colour, "funny vibe" - complete with public enemy's break. living colour's album, 'vivid,' is one of those discs i'd have to take to a desert island with me.

+ i *think* the rack move's taken place. been down for about 45 minutes. should be up for the rest of the evening.

+ terminator 3. the tx's "carrie-anne-moss-factor" is about 0.003 - imho.

+ the printed ephemera collection at the library of congress.

+ most 3d 'nurbs' probably know about this already: the princeton shape retrieval and analysis group 3d model search engine.

+ sourceforge: medi, java-based media archiver.

+ rediff.com: the nixon papers, "selective genocide." and the u.s. has done nothing to cause others to hate america, right?

+ chicago sun-times: rural voters prefer republicans. given this administration's recent energy policies, the west may not match that prediction. [ related ]

+ big sugar.

+ the server that dangerousmeta! resides on is being moved to a different rack at some point today. extended outage may occur.

+ just fyi, google has a page on how to remove content from their index.

+ slashdot: computers not working in education? read the transcript. "in the subject where we found the largest impact on instructional methods - that would be fourth grade math - we actually found a decline in tests scores."

+ space.com: bush exempts area 51 from environmental disclosure laws. byproducts of decomposing alien body parts might tip off the conspiranoia theorists.

+ the advertiser: women claw back in the sex war. "women aged in their 30s are dropping older blokes for younger men. this shift has left the 40-something male more likely to be with a woman in the same age group than a generation ago." bra-vo! maybe some middle-aged men will drop the red sports cars and start getting real.

+ builder.com: learn about these four apache xml tools and tools for securing your xml documents.

+ star tribune: the 'world future society' apparently thinks weblogs are hot stuff.

+ sf gate: hubble's light years of revelation.

+ the issue of video weblogging is only the latest example of pundit/warbloggers defining key aspects of the weblog movement solely by their own 'sphere.' we need a historical site, a catalog of the major events, technologies and movements of the weblog phenomenon. with burgeoning press coverage, credit should be placed squarely on the shoulders of those who were the pioneers. via anil's daily links.

+ sounds like winona ryder's in a bad way. someone needs to write a 'dummies' guide to surviving celebrity. we've seen this downward spiral occur ... how many times? how would vh1 'behind the music' ever survive, without similar tragedies?

+ chicago tribune, december 25th: women in charge of christmas. the 'martha stewart' example is destructive.

+ ever hear of the 'kuwaiti incubator scam'? first i've heard of it. one, two. these sources are unfamiliar to me, so caveat emptor. later: marc ramsey's added a few links to this list, more authoritative ... see the discussion area.

+ common dreams: mexican farmers see death sentence in nafta.

+ nasa determines that humans are the main culprit in the current global warming trend. "some scientists had argued that the warming trend of recent decades was comparable to a period of unusual warmth in the 1930s and 1940s, and thus might be the result primarily of natural fluctuations in earth's climate. but the record warmth of the 1990s and early 21st century 'go well beyond' previous periods of warm temperatures ..."

+ independent.uk: interbreeding of gm crops raises risks of 'superweeds.' once again, cue ian malcolm from 'jurassic park.' don't get gm crops anywhere near kudzu. later: uk tries to cover up gm crop report.

+ unix review: automatically extending your data.

+ times of india: u.s. rules out military option against north korea. "they want us to give them something for them to stop the bad behaviour. what we can't do is enter into a negotiation right away and give an impression we are appeasing them."

+ star tribune: 'swarming' with cell phones to mobilize the masses.

+ fukuyama in the wall street journal.

+ santa fe new mexican: unless we get some more snow, the drought is likely to persist in 2003.

+ the new york times comes out strongly against using tax dollars for churches.

+ ny times letters to the editor: moral clarity in war.

+ ny times: automakers block crash data recorders. gee, would the firestone tire debacle, the s.u.v. rollover debacle have any influence on this stonewall?

+ ny times: when xmas is a wednesday, two workweeks can evaporate. truer words were never spoken.

+ ny times: churches start counting lottery's blessings. love those organized religion double-standards. "gambling is forbidden in the church of god. still, mr. abreu said today, 'if god wants to take the devil's money and give it to us, that's fine.'" devil's spawn adoption agency to come in 2004, one assumes.

+ cnn: tourists staying away from lady liberty. they don't happen to mention until the bottom of the article that you can no longer go *inside* the statue. that just might have something to do with the reduction in numbers.

+ antipixel has two good 'uns ... japanese fire warnings, and a new tolkein manuscript.

+ sunny. over the past two days, our unrelenting cold has broken a bit, temps rising during midday to the 40's. a welcome reprieve, believe me.