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tue 31 dec 02

+ national geographic: scots mark new year with fiery ancient rites.

+ bbc: photos of new year's celebrations around the world. check those fireworks in australia. impressive.

+ pbs, nova: spies that fly.

+ boston globe: oliphant, policy of ironies on north korea. the clinton policy was working, until the bush administration sabotaged it? interesting. upi has a more balanced take, in my view. toppling iraq will not prevent others from pursuing nuclear programs to deter american 'oppression,' not after north korea's "mutiny." our response to north korea seems to further reinforce the concept that acquiring even one nuke or wmd will tame the american beast. collective pressure from all nations affected is called for; this unilateralist sabre-rattling routine has serious downsides. foreign policy? ah hain't seen one lately ... at least, not a consistent one.

+ washington post: pondering the shadow government. "they say its a sign of mental health to hold apparently contradictory ideas in your mind. the world of late has been a particularly exotic stew of horror and beauty."

+ get well soon, ms. abby devore.

+ film vs. digital. note the item from national geographic; d1x is ok for half page, 35mm for double-page spreads.

+ enough. off to enjoy the holiday.

+ nandotimes: fda says red cross failed to probe reports of hepatitis infections.

+ nj.com: welfare cases increasing in 3/4 of states.

+ sourceforge: nntp/rss. use your existing newsreader to read rss.

+ freshmeat: phpmysite.

+ jta news: kaballah craze hits fashion racks. extra points for carrying a worn copy of "foucault's pendulum" and discussing the candomblé over a glass of single malt.

+ about.com: liberty takes a hit in 2002.

+ nandotimes: new meat alternative offers healthy benefits. there's healthy edible fungus among us.

+ un: fresh donations boost food aid to southern africa. japan, germany and canada the biggest donors. i assume non-gm.

+ the la times looks at the past year in afghanistan.

+ washington post: it's time to do the math. great article. [ related one, related two ]

+ arianna online: 2002, in my rear view mirror. compare/contrast with dave rogers' personal version [scroll down, dec 30, 6:22 am]. both are good. next year, i guess i should do an animated gif ... *grin* ...

+ cbs: bush under fire over clean air plans.

+ stuff.co.nz: choosing a reusable cotton bag, over the plastic grocery bag, isn't environmentally sound. hemp is recommended instead. [ related ]

+ telegraph.uk: nail art is the new cool. "hologram tips." decals might be a good idea, too.

+ the register: yaha email worm.

+ new scientist: lab-grown steaks. but what will peta-veggies do?

+ washington post: just say 'no' to gadgets and gizmos. i have had the opportunity, this holiday season, to configure cell phones for some older folks. when will manufacturers create a cell phone with one-button message retrieval? larger buttons for seniors? the ergonomics *stink* for this growing demographic. a huge opportunity for a creative tech manufacturer, methinks.

+ guardian.uk: channel 4 to show artist eating dead baby. please, don't cue the 'dead baby' jokes. performance art continues its descent: "no religion forbids cannibalism. nor can i find any law which prevents us from eating people. i took advantage of the space between morality and the law and based my work on it." it is so stupidly easy to horrify people; much harder to engage the delight.

+ globe and mail: searching for a hollywood ending. they don't want us to know the body count.

+ publisher's weekly: vermont's independent booksellers protest patriot act.

+ the nation: the power of music. protest music, that is.

+ toronto star: from surreal to too-real. "those who don't want to face what's happening, he said, have 'made us all turn away.'"

+ ny times op-ed: warren christopher thinks iraq belongs on the back burner.

+ ny times letters to the editor: nader. before cutting social services, try weaning corporations off federal welfare. damn straight.

+ ny times op-ed: rangel lays out his case for bringing back the draft.

+ times of india: interesting how we have heard nothing about an american hostage in ivory coast. or do only missionaries count?

+ times of india: pakistani christians live in fear.

+ ny times: temperatures are likely to go from warm to warmer. "some of the warming could be the result of natural climate variation, but the experts say it is almost impossible to explain without including the heat-trapping properties of rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by smokestacks and tailpipes."

+ ny times: a new equation for relativity.

+ ny times: lott says events of recent weeks have made him better. too easy to exercise 'nitpunditry' [original term; copyrighted, all rights reserved, pay for use via paypal] on this one ... an audience of 1000, of which there were 20 african-americans?

+ ny times: the case for drinking in moderation. "... for every one of alcohol's health benefits there is an equal and opposite risk if a single glass turns into three or four."

+ santa fe new mexican: hispanic immigrants dig deep to send record sums of cash home. "the transfers, or remittances as they are officially known, are mexico's second largest source of income behind oil exports." that gives a sense of scale, now, doesn't it?

+ ny times: more than good intentions, holding fast to faith in free will.

+ reuters: sir ridley scott.

+ slept with my hand cramped in the covers somehow. typing'll be slow till it warms up and recovers.