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A Little History ...

This weblog really seriously 'started' on mid-1999 in Userland Frontier, attempting to emulate the 'Scripting News' style of link posting while learning Usertalk. In the first iterations [June-November], it appeared only as a news links page on my company site - but the end of November saw a real breakthrough in my ability to deliver links via scripting in what would be recognized as a 'traditional' weblog format.

My first appearance in the 'official' weblogging world using a soon-to-be traditional weblogging tool began on December 22, 1999 in Userland Manila when I signed onto 'EditThisPage.com' at array.editthispage.com. Server-side technologies still rang caution bells in my head, but I needed something to occupy my mind; I was reliving the sequence of events leading up to my father's demise on Christmas the previous year. It worked. I remained on EditThisPage, gleefully redesigning my site dozens of times, until Autumn 2000, when events forced me to separate weblogging from business activities. I jumped over to the Zope open-source CMS, which I abandoned for Movable Type in August of 2003.

For common discussion, I call December 22 my 'anniversary date' as a weblogger.

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