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DP Review: Ansel Adams’ Arca-Swiss 4x5 View Camera is the first of its kind at auction.

This view camera collection was used by Ansel Adams from 1964 to 1968, according to the auction house, after which point he gave the camera to his then-assistant Liliane de Cock, who used it as part of her own career. The camera and related accessories were acquired directly from the photographer’s family.” Kinda like buying Michaelangelo’s paintbrushes.

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The Atlantic: What’s ‘Healthy’? What’s ‘Natural’?

PepsiCo misleadingly markets Naked Juices as predominantly containing high-value ingredients such as acai berry, blueberries, kale, and mango, when in fact the predominant ingredient in the product line is usually cheap, nutrient-poor apple juice ...” Well, if you remember ‘60’s advertising like I do, then PepsiCo has gone a long way to save us from terrible laxative adverts ... (wink) ...

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Bicycling: First Look - Scott Road RC Lace Cycling Shoes.

I prefer laces. Perhaps at a lower price point.

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FishbowlNY: Amazon Prime Now Offers Magazines.

The magazine selection is great too. A few of the options available: National Geographic Traveler, People, Sports Illustrated, Bon Appétit, HGTV, Popular Mechanics, Golf Digest and Runner’s World.” Getting closer to ‘one login, one price for everything.’

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naked cap: We’re Past the Point of No Return for Climate Change.

The biggest near-term priority needs to be radical reduction in the use of energy. And there is a lot that could be done that does not involve great changes in lifestyle; in fact, as far as businesses are concerned, the big barrier is inertia ...

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Esquire: Penny Loafer Style Through History.

I grew up in Princeton, for heaven’s sake. I always have a wearable pair.

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Supreme: Brick.

A fashion house is selling a brick for ... $30. Do a search, you’ll find many incredulous takes on this one.

Pet rock, it ain’t.

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PVC: Affinity Photo and ON1 Photo RAW challenge Lightroom and Photoshop.

The next months are going to be very interesting, I believe, and if all goes according to plan, we may see many people changing their workflow.” Lightroom is getting very pokey. Everyone suspects CC bloat. So I’ll be looking at these closely.

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Naked Cap: Fade OPEC.

Oil prices sustained in the low $50s is the level that seduces more capital in shale ... thus Saudi better be careful what it wishes for. We already expect supplies to flatten out in the US in early 2017 with limited increases in rig activity. A rebirth of activity could prompt a rapid rise in US oil output within 6-months, offsetting OPEC’s efforts once again.” Oh God, please spare Mora County ...

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Webdesigner Depot: Why brutalism boosts conversions.

Linked for the title. I picture a little dude and a big dude. “Hey, Lenny.” Little dude points me out to big dude. “He ain’t buyin’. See if he wants a knuckle sammich instead.”

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Coolist: The 18 Best Electric Guitars for Rockers of All Levels.

Three months to Xmas.

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NY Mag: Ballerinas Hate This Kendall Jenner Video for Vogue España

Speaking from experience, ballet is much less about ‘running around’ and ‘just not caring’ and much more about broken toenails, blisters, and the grueling pursuit of perfection.” When you get to be 56, as I am, the great span of years between myself and being 20 makes itself manifest. So there is that filter. The other is, the whole concept of this video is ill-advised. The narrative is 16-year-old fluff, the visual acting 8-year-old mannerisms - not a 20-year-old ‘top model’ narrative. Or at least I hope not. It’s ... uncultured, even. I’d had four different jobs by 20, working to get through school, to make a living. Life gets real. Fast. Hers is unreal, and Vogue’s framed it in disrespectful ways. People should act their age, don’t you think? You don’t buy ballet slippers - you earn them. She’s been terribly ill-served by the director here.

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CycleEXIF: 8 Miles And Ridin’ - Detroit Bicycle Company x Williamson.

COPPER. Plating, of course. Otherwise you’d rest on the handlebars and they’d bend down to the front axle. Here’s your steampunk bike, kids.

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DP Review: Fujifilm goes medium format - What you need to know about the GFX 50S.

Shoulder shrugs. First thing I think of. If Fuji’s beautiful color rendition translates to 50MP, this’ll be a stunner.

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DP Review: Leica-branded instant camera rumored to launch soon.

Even at this price point, this’ll end up the “poor photographer status symbol”. They’ll sell thousands.

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DP Review: Samyang goes Premium with MF lens range.

Interesting. Some Samyangs have been stellar, at a stellar price point. Watch the reviews.

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The High Hidden Costs of Fast Fashion.

It shocked me, the first time I engaged in a conversation and found that others buy clothes, wear them straight from the store, and then throw them away or give them to ‘charity’ to assuage their consumer mindset. I can’t even. First thing I do is wash ‘em. Those flame retardants aren’t good.

No wonder I keep coming across such badly-manufactured stuff in clothing stores. I have Ralph Lauren Polo shirts I’ve been wearing for decades, that still iron up like new.

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edelkrone Wing.

Camera slides, without rails. Pricey, but if engineered well, worth every penny.

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Amazon.com: Pendleton Rainier National Park Full Blanket.

Pendleton has made a whole series for all the National Parks.

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Return of the Cafe Racers: Gear Review - Ruby Helmets Castel.

$1200 buckeroonies? Sheesh.

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Teespring: Vote2016() by Techdirt.

HAH! Sure to offend everyone. I like it.

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DP Review: Kipon introduces reducer to fit Nikon F and Leica R lenses to Micro Four Thirds bodies.

Hmmm. Uses optics. That usually sounds warning bells (quality) ...

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c|net Roadshow: You can buy one of Elio’s three-wheeled ‘cars’ for $7,000*.

Of note. Turn down the video upon visiting.

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Atlas Obscura: Forest Burns After Man Set Used Toilet Paper Ablaze.

Attempting to be extra fastidious, he then lit the toilet paper on fire. Then he watched, presumably horrified, as the toilet paper began to light the whole forest on fire.” Old thinking. If you want to be fastidious, pack it out. Wag bags and the perennial fave ‘poop shovel’ are indicated. Can’t find it at the moment, but there also used to be a tube you could dump human ejecta in and compress.

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ArtDaily: SITE Santa Fe opens second installment of reimagined biennial series.

Always fun to see Santa Fe galleries in the national news. Hasn’t been happening as much as in the past.

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