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Citizen Flora.  Gloria Flora’s testimony before Congress.  This concept of “Fed = Bad” must be quashed publicly, just as loudly as the original concept was sold; even that may never be enough.  In this case the Administration is standing by, letting the boys with the axe handles do their business because it will ultimately feather their nests.

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SF Gate:

Report finds EPA lacked data to support its claims for relaxing air pollution rules.  “Congressional investigators say the Environmental Protection Agency relied on anecdotes from industries it regulates, not comprehensive data, when it claimed that relaxing air pollution rules for industrial plants would cut emissions and reduce health risks.”  My italics.

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Chicago Tribune:

Raising corn to an art form.  Now we finally have a use for old shopping carts.  Rolling gardens would be great here in the Southwest, where the sun is harsh.  Roll sensitive plants under a convenient portal or marquesina ...

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notes that the death of coral reefs started long before the recent fashion of global warming.  Cause?  Overfishing by humans.  “Among her sources: research by UF anthropologists showing that indigenous Bahamians hunted green turtles to such an extent they seriously depleted the herbivore long before the first colonists arrived.”

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Miami Herald:

Soybeans and corn fall after a night of rain.  Futures still sound to me like a recipe for an ulcer.

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New York Times:

Study finds atmospheric decline in pesticide harmful to ozone.  Methyl bromide.

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Act for Change:

Stop Monsanto from bullying Oakhurst Dairy.  There’s nothing illegal about freedom of choice, and litigation should not be used as a weapon.

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warns of the dangers of fish farming.  “Interbreeding with escaped farmed salmon is expected to alter in wild salmon the unique genetic makeup which allows them to migrate from freshwater to the ocean and back to freshwater to spawn.”

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Drum destined for WIPP catches fire.  “We’ve vented dozens already without incident.”  Oh, that’s comforting.  Nothing like the smell of burning plutonium in the morning.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

New Mexico a ‘Poster Child’ for water crisis.  “I’m not sure the public understands how serious the problem is.”  Well, I’m not sure the politicians do, either ...

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