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SF New Mexican:

The heart of Madrid, NM is up for sale.  Want to buy the Mine Shaft Tavern?  You’d best be prepared for a rollicking good time ...

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SF New Mexican:

75% of registered voters in New Mexico favor raising the minimum wage to $7 bucks an hour.

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The Economist:

Buttonwood, Cover note.  “All manner of dodgy practices, and the companies that may have engaged in them, are now under the spotlight.  That they haven’t been before is perhaps connected with the fact that, against stiff competition, regulation of insurance in America is even worse than regulation of other parts of its financial-services industry. There is, for example, no overarching insurance regulator: the business is overseen on a state-by-state basis (though, to be fair, federal regulators have not been up to much in other corners of the financial industry).”  My italics.  Hopefully medical insurances of all types will also become illuminated.  One must bring the insurance industry to heel; they’ve been working very hard to stay under the radar.

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The Economist:

Frozen by oil price fears.  “... economists are now worried that their rough-and-ready rule may not be linear: that is, a rise in the oil price from $45 to $55 may be more damaging than an increase from $25 to $35. Increasingly, economists are abandoning their rules of thumb and crossing their fingers instead.”  Lay in that firewood.

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NY Times Health:

Malaria vaccine proves effective.  Not perfect, by a long shot, but very positive progress.

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SF New Mexican:

No more floating checks.  Read this one.

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Oil Hits Highs as U.S. Winter Stocks Fall.  Turn down the thermostat, insulate, and wear your long snuggies.

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Globe and Mail.CA:

Synchronicity; funny.  I posted, just randomly, that cultural jamming link yesterday, because I happened upon it and found it interesting.  Kicking against the counterculture.  “Expressing your individuality by wearing a funny tie to work is not the same thing as expressing your individuality by using file formats on your computer that are incompatible with your co-workers.”

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I should not solely blame the media. After all, we in America crave “The Simple Life”, don’t we?  Style is rewarded, far above substance.

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NY Times/AP:

New Home Sales Climb 9.4 Percent in August.  Financials have kept mortgage rates higher than needed, now they have pad to play around with in this transitional period, as the Fed raises rates.  In the meantime, the consumer is looking at the Fed rates, thinking “Geez, if I want that bigger home, I’d better do it now, because interest rates will never be this low in my lifetime again. I mean, look at the size of the deficit.”  There’s optimism for you.

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Why so many hurricanes?  “While hurricane activity is more or less readjusting to its long-term averages after a period of relative quiet, more people are placing themselves, their houses, yachts, and office high-rises in storm paths when they move to hurricane-prone states and their geologically fragile shorelines.”

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SF New Mexican:

Expect higher heating bills.  “The cost of gas is high, according to PNM’s Energy Works, a customer newsletter, because there has been no significant increase in North American production despite increased drilling activity. In addition, foreign and U.S. demand for natural gas is strong.”

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Study: Traffic costs billions of hours a year.  At a certain point, driving time with traffic jams, and bicycling time, will meet.

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In an electronic age, the letter endures.  The USPS just installed an ‘automated postal system’ in the lobby of my local office.  With great big stickers on the floor, to guarantee a broken hip once snow starts falling.

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NY Times:

It’s safe to return to town, girlie-men.  The Republicans will be gone in the morning.

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Economic fallout of $50 a barrel.  Oh, the good news just keeps on coming.  “Some analysts note that the last three sustained oil price rises in recent decades have been followed by recessions.”  Past time to move to French silk, dropping the brown beaver.

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New Scientist:

Chaotic homes hamper child development.  But isn’t spontaneity a good thing, too?

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NY Times Arts:

Restoring Antique Artistry in Reed and Cane.  On being a ‘wicker fixer.’

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NY Times:

With Storm Gone, Floridians Are Hit With Price Gouging.  A good time to consider the juxtaposition of profit motive and morality.

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Orion Online:

Overlooked landscapes.  “What this group of painters really expressed was the truth and terrible beauty associated with a tragic view of life.”  One of my favorite subjects to discuss ... the impact of post-industrial aesthetics (or lack thereof).

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AM Radio is bad for your health.  Have some fun.  Turn your car stereo to AM 550 and drive around.  As you pass power lines, generators and high-tension lines, you’ll get an earful.  Interesting to discover a whole world of EMF that you didn’t know existed.

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NY Times:

“People driving or riding in a sport utility vehicle in 2003 were nearly 11 percent more likely to die in an accident than people in cars ...”

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SF New Mexican:

Restaurant prices rise; living wage, meat and energy prices blamed.  Welcome to the ‘real’ world.

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In war on terror, an expanding citizen’s brigade.  It’s not what they look like, it’s what their behavior is.

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NY Times:

Translucent concrete?

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