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How venomous snakes can help with your laundry chores.

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SF New Mexican:

Spoke too soon.  Critic appeals Sam’s Club gas pumps again.  My emphasis.  You’ll read in the comments that this individual has some legal issues of his own.  To clarify, for those who don’t know the story, Santa Fe is being held hostage by gas prices that are significantly higher than surrounding areas, in addition to the ‘vacation tax’ price rise that happens between school years.

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A friend sent me a note:

“Keep a watch out for people standing near you at retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., that have a cell phone in hand. With the new camera cell phones, they can take a picture of your credit card, which gives them your name, number, and expiration date.  Identification theft is one of the fastest growing scams today, and this is just another example of the means that are being used.  Be aware of your surroundings.”

Snopes thinks if it’s not legit now, advances in cell phone tech will make it so.

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Does African-American Architecture Exist?  More on Black Boxes.

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The Economist:

Buttonwood, The Dogs Bark.  And the cycle starts, once again.  “Perhaps, on the other hand, investors donít give a tinkerís cuss now because they are once again making money, do not want to pass up the chance of making more, and are happy enough to allow any unpleasantness to be swept under the carpet.”

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The Spectator.UK:

Women who won’t.  Hmmm.  It would be nice to live in a country where a two-paycheck income wasn’t necessary.  I’m sure this article will garner many cries of ‘foul.’

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In America,

it’s “Black Friday.”  Stay away from malls and shopping areas, if you don’t want to get bumper-bashed, cart-crunched, pushed, shoved, cussed at, and trod upon in the yearly rush to purchase Xmas items. 

Unfortunately for me, I must make a trip to the hardware store to pick up some essentials ...

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Motley Fool:

What’s in your wallet?  Dangerous levels of debt, that’s what.

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Ask Men:

Your guide to wrinkle-free clothes.  Linked because I *hate* ironing ...

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Oh, man.

MyLastEmail.com.  There’s a concept.  Postdate a slew of weblog entries, for untoward eventualities.

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Hmmm.  Too late for me, I guess.

Book of Ages.  I was lamenting the lack of 40-something archetypes, the other day.  Other than rabid youth-worshippers, that is.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Goodyear offers to settle Entran II tubing suit.  The tubing was used for radiant heating systems in the area.  Many people found, after a certain period of time, they had a sprinkler system in their floor.  Not good.

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NY Times:

No say over the siting of cell towers?

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NY Times:

War on sprawl in NJ hits a wall.  Living in NJ during the 80’s, this is what would occur: Local farmers retire, selling off large plats of land.  Developers take the land, building cluster housing, sometimes increasing the number of residents for a particular municipality by 1000%.  No money into infrastructure [roads, electric, water, schools].  No town centers, no sidewalks ... just endless houses and the need to drive everywhere.  At a certain point, infrastructure must be brought up to snuff.  Schools must be built.  Taxes go through the roof, yet still can’t keep up.  Infrastructure suffers.  Inviting in “big box” mercantile outfits, to increase ratables.  The character of the Princeton area was completely shifted from a walking neighborhood of fascinating individuals to a driving mall of strangers.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

If you’re a homeowner, you should read this ... Woman’s insurance woes are not unique.  “...  in an attempt to keep ‘good policy holders,’ Howard said the company is trying to ‘weed your garden of those customers who are causing a problem.’”

Being a “problem” is defined as having two claims on your insurance, no matter how small.  Beware making anything but a catastrophic claim.

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NY Times:

I’m happy to see that visiting apartments in New York City in an unsolicited manner is just as much an adventure now, as it was when I used to work there.

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On the Late News last night,

one of our local television correspondents reported that plywood, plasterboard, and even concrete prices have over doubled in the last couple of months.  Why?  Iraq, of course.  Look online, sure enough, it’s true.  [That makes things extra fun for those who have to board up against Hurricane Isabel.]  And it’s surely it’s a cost of war that doesn’t get calculated into our varied online spreadsheets tracking costs.

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Public Access:

“The Post-Punk Kitchen.”  I may just try the banana pancakes, tomorrow.

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New Statesman:

The citizens of nowhere.  “Cosmopolitan, ambitious, Americanised, urban, materialistic, they are the product of a very specific value system, in which certain shibboleths - the importance of ‘growth’, the necessity of ‘development’, a boundless faith in technology, an assumption that they represent the apogee of progress - are never questioned.”  Growth, development and technology don’t, unfortunately, guarantee improved circumstances.

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