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Science Blog:

Wolves are rebalancing the Yellowstone ecosystem.

10/29/03 • 05:34 PM • Nature • (0) Comments

Miami Herald:

Black vultures are widening their territory, causing death and destruction.

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Not Yeti.

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NY Times:

Leaf peeping goes high-tech.

10/10/03 • 01:15 PM • Nature • (0) Comments

California Academy of Sciences:

Seasons of Life and Land.  Photographs of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Link this profusely; the more noses this gets under, the lower the likelihood of public support for drilling.  If you need another reason to oppose drilling, here’s one.

10/08/03 • 09:00 PM • Nature • (0) Comments

Wild Horse Rescue’s

a site you should know about, but do check out the art done by horses.  I can hear it now ... “Do you take charge cards?” 


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NY Times Travel:

Life on the Appalachian Trail, watching the pilgrims go by.

09/19/03 • 01:29 PM • Nature • (0) Comments


Grand Canyon “born” on the East Coast?

09/17/03 • 02:21 PM • Nature • (0) Comments

NY Times Travel:

Where the old forest roots survive.  Old growth forests don’t just exist in the West.  New York state has some fine ones.  Are there still some healthy American Chestnuts hidden back in the hollows?

09/12/03 • 02:16 PM • Nature • (4) Comments

Sydney Morning Herald.AU:

“This is Jenny.  She does face-painting for fur seals.”  Reading this, I realized I forgot to mention that while watering trees last night, I was calmly joined by a bull snake.  Not very big; about a foot and a half.  I’d flooded her/his lair.  We peacefully co-existed for the next half hour.  Now that I know where s/he is lodging, I may have to postpone my plans to de-weed the bowl under that particular piñon.  This summer has brought some quite colorful, less popular denizens around (black widows, other spiders, snakes, etcetera).

09/05/03 • 04:10 PM • Nature • (0) Comments

NY Times Science:

Yosemite and the invention of wilderness.  “This is nature. And it’s beautiful because you’re not there.”  Amen.  A shame that to ‘save’ beautiful areas, one must expose them to the ravages of the tourist.

09/02/03 • 04:00 PM • Nature • (0) Comments

Globe & Mail/Canada:

Remember the couple who were interacting with wild grizzly bears?  The photo of a man sitting next to a rather anthropomorphic grizzly?  Brutal end to storied tale. The couple has a website. It does not yet reflect the tragedy, but you can see photos of the close interaction between bruin and human.  Once again, the human proves less trustworthy.  Care to defend ‘profit motive’?  Original link via rc3.org.

08/26/03 • 02:35 PM • Nature • (1) Comments

Our ferret

is back.  Saw him/her yesterday, in our courtyard.  Now, today, I find a partially-masticated bit of mouse over by a rain barrel.  Anyone for second-hand mouse jerky?

08/18/03 • 06:50 PM • Nature • (2) Comments

Clothespin for your nose, Captain?

Someone ‘kindly’ left this in my referrers.  Herald Sun, Australia: Whale flatulence stuns scientists.  The photo wasn’t really necessary.  I think we can imagine ...

08/16/03 • 10:03 PM • Nature • (1) Comments
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