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DP Review: Ansel Adams’ Arca-Swiss 4x5 View Camera is the first of its kind at auction.

This view camera collection was used by Ansel Adams from 1964 to 1968, according to the auction house, after which point he gave the camera to his then-assistant Liliane de Cock, who used it as part of her own career. The camera and related accessories were acquired directly from the photographer’s family.” Kinda like buying Michaelangelo’s paintbrushes.

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PVC: ON1 Photo RAW editor has new tricks.

Very excited to get my hands on this. Finally someone’s going to give Lightroom a kick in the pants.

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Hemmings: “Bombshell Betty,” the 165 MPH 1952 Buick Super Riviera.

To be auctioned. I was privileged to photograph it at Concorso the other year. It’s a fantastic vehicle. The engine note is not to be forgotten.

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AI: Olloclip brings three new lens collections to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus.

Everyone keeps offering wide angles. I want normal and telephoto; the native iPhone is too wide. No, I don’t want to use digital zooming.

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New Yorker: Trying to Solve the L.E.D. Quandary.

Cree’s solution to socket saturation is gadgetization, which is itself a form of obsolescence, effectively shortening a product’s life span. [snip] Disposability was one of the ills L.E.D. technology was supposed to end.” The problem with CFLs (rather, many problems but I’ll point out the one most jarring) was color balance. You expected a light to respond as an incandescent would. Certain CFLs would turn reds a deep, rich black. It was bizarre. I hate to see LEDs go that route ON PURPOSE. Cree has been a good brand. I think they’re making a mistake.

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So, given the previous two posts ...

My weekend wasn’t wasted. And yet I spent most of my time looking, enjoying the scenery. I’d say northern NM is peaking all this week (barring rain to knock stuff down out of trees). The Santa Fe Ski Basin ... this week and next week both. But with Balloon Fiesta going, you’ll be better served to drive north and find other locales. The Ski Basin road is mobbed and unpleasant. The popularity of smartphones with cameras have just made everything worse. Last year I saw at least two runaway cars - people who so HAD to take a photo, they didn’t set the parking brake. Both ended safely within a couple of seconds. Still.

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This photo went to ‘Popular’ on 500px in seven minutes.


  Coyote Creek, beaver-dammed pond. by Garret Vreeland on 500px.com  


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This image is proving popular on Flickr.


As frequent reader Jeremiah said on FB, “Puzzle shot.” And indeed, I may make this into a puzzle for some folks. From the drive up to northern NM over the weekend.

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Photo Attorney: Say No to Google’s Anti-Competitive Image Scraping.

Watch it. Repost it. People need to understand this.

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PVC: Affinity Photo and ON1 Photo RAW challenge Lightroom and Photoshop.

The next months are going to be very interesting, I believe, and if all goes according to plan, we may see many people changing their workflow.” Lightroom is getting very pokey. Everyone suspects CC bloat. So I’ll be looking at these closely.

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Santa Fe Concorso ...

... shot, downloaded, backed up. Doing a third backup (Time Machine), just because. Three days of nonstop really physical shooting activity. Between all the fitness work I put in, along with a well-focused choice of rentals ... I call this a total success. And I never call things successes. I’m really happy with how things came out, how my body and mind stood up to the challenge. Images will trickle through as I begin the post-processing effort.

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DP Review: Fujifilm goes medium format - What you need to know about the GFX 50S.

Shoulder shrugs. First thing I think of. If Fuji’s beautiful color rendition translates to 50MP, this’ll be a stunner.

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PDN: Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tether System Teaches Old DSLRs New Tricks.

Now this will be quite handy!

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An object lesson in white balance.

Shoot this, you obviously need a color patch setup to get it right. Not that a color bias doesn’t add drama. But I’d like to know what the colors really are!

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Riveted: The Re-Dedication of Naay I’waans (the Chief Son-I-Hat Whale House).

Simply wonderful photoset. Thanks, Wiredfool!

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DP Review: The Slingshot by Syrp wants to bring a new look to your time-lapses.


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DP Review: Leica-branded instant camera rumored to launch soon.

Even at this price point, this’ll end up the “poor photographer status symbol”. They’ll sell thousands.

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DP Review: Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iOS 2.5 brings Raw DNG capture.

YUGE. Roland! You see this? It’ll likely spur me to update to an SE ... I like the 5 form-factor.

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DP Review: Samyang goes Premium with MF lens range.

Interesting. Some Samyangs have been stellar, at a stellar price point. Watch the reviews.

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The Atlantic (June, 2016): Images of Twenty-First Century Cowboys.

Yup, it still exists.

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Dazed: NY photographers pay a touching tribute to Bill Cunningham.


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Another busy morning.

Links when I can. Photo and video shoots today - and it’s cloudy. Rain, hold off for just a little, please ...

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LOTR, anyone?

LOTR, anyone?

I could tell you where this is, but then I’d have to snuff you.

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DP Review/Opinion: Park vandals need to be stopped.

Do this in front of me. I’ll get angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.

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DYT: Mindblowing Photographs Of The World’s Most Fascinating Indigenous Tribes.

Mostly staged. We don’t live in a ‘60’s National Geographic world anymore. I look at these, and wonder who of these subjects is actually manning a food cart at the local market, looking unremarkable. I mean, great photos and all ... but I smell a substantially significant amount of hyperbole.

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