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Bicycling: First Look - Scott Road RC Lace Cycling Shoes.

I prefer laces. Perhaps at a lower price point.

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Authority Nutrition: Alternate-Day Fasting - A Beginner’s Guide.


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Guardian.UK: Jacques Cousteau sails again in new film.

A towering figurehead of the last century. How I miss him.

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OpenCulture: Some of Buster Keaton’s Death-Defying Stunts Captured in Animated Gifs.

There’ll never be another like Buster.

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Men’s Journal: Exercising Saves You Money — Here’s Exactly How Much.

The researchers broke the subjects out by the number of cardiovascular risk factors they had (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, age, even income), and among the overall healthiest, folks who didn’t work out sunk an additional $500 into health care.

I was shocked, when trolling the ACA’s database. They consider “medium” use to include *19* prescriptions during a one-year period. I haven’t taken a prescription med in 20 years; if I can alter diet or increase exercise, I do it. Genetics helps too, no question. And my age is increasing, so it’s only a matter of time. But sheesh. Is the average person really taking that many drugs?

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Authority Nutrition: Pre-Workout Nutrition - What to Eat Before a Workout.

Handy. I’ve not had good luck with protein. If running, bananas ... otherwise, not. My problem is having enough carb/sugar fuel to last an hour of hard work. Still experimenting. My onsite backup is a bottle of diluted Gatorade, to keep me suffering in good stead ...

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Youtube: Akademia Szermierzy - Fior di Battaglia (medieval longsword techniques).

A bit precious, but as you’ll see, accurate to the historical book.

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SciAm: Is There Such a Thing as “Fat but Fit”?

It would imply that you are not protected from bad outcomes if you are a so-called fit and fat person.” I ran across an extensive photo gallery of Woodstock, and was struck (once again) by the low BMI of kids in the ‘60’s compared to the average American today.

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Guardian.UK: WHO’s recommended level of exercise too low to beat disease – study.

Recalibrate your fitness monitor expectations. More is better.

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Vox: The science of choking under pressure — and how to avoid it.

Pretty much the same advice as for a person with a stutter.

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Guardian.UK: ‘It wasn’t our time’ - Hawaiian pilots tell of crash, shark and 21 hours in open sea.

At 11.35am, only a mile and a half from the shore and after more than 20 miles of swimming and floating in the open ocean, they were pulled from the sea.” Now that’s a tale.

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Aeon: Thinking positive is a surprisingly risky manoeuvre.

Positive thinking impedes performance because it relaxes us and drains the energy we need to take action.” Um, there’s something wrong here. I was just doing a modified set of burpees yesterday (instead of just jumping up, I jumped up to do a full pullup, then back down for the pushup). I was only able to perform a handful. After five sets, my trainer said, “Let’s do three more than last time in the set.” I said, “No way.” He said, “You can do this. Big guy like you. Let’s go.” I steeled myself, muscles already screaming, and I did them. If he hadn’t have changed my mindset (which was already defeated), I’d never have done it.

Later: This is from a book, and it does reference Seligman’s “Learned Optimism” theories. So I won’t dismiss it as swiftly as I did above.

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During yesterday’s visit to the gym, I’m working on the ellipticals behind all the other rows of equipment. I don’t watch television as I work out, but I can see what others are watching. As various people are watching RNC reruns, and and others intently gazing at media wonks placing bets on Wasserman-Schultz’ departure, the music on the overhead loudspeakers changes from the usual bump-thump to something strangely familiar. I realize I recognize it, through the haze of sweat ... and I nearly fall off the trainer laughing. “Sheep”, by Pink Floyd. Followed by ... “Reason to Believe”, by Springsteen. And, as people will do, they all start to step/pedal/ellipticalize to the songs’ rhythms. Then it all went back to current bump-thump music.

Just for a moment, it seems Clear Channel (or whatever service the gym uses) had an individual with a perspicacious sense of humor.

A moment I’ll treasure, courtesy a spin of life’s dice.

Repost from Facebook today.

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Mashable: Brits not happy about advice to take vitamin D supplements.

Silly. Take it. Esp. if you’re male and advancing in years. Your weight will be lower, your T levels slightly higher, your mood better. Saves me from the depths of SAD every winter, too.

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Valet.: Building Muscle Just Got a Whole Lot Simpler.

But you should still work to temporary muscle failure, for best effect. Even with NO weight, that can kill you. Try doing walking lunges until failure. You’ll see what I mean ... for about three days.

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Valet.: Life Lessons From Jeff Goldblum.

The best way to get things moving is to accept where you are. Ride the horse in the direction in which it’s going.” Perhaps not the best advice for me right now, as I train my way out of back pain (great results so far, in riding the opposite direction from where the horse was going).

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The Coolist: Prevent Office Death with 12 Desk Stretches That Help You Live Longer.

Not terrible suggests, these. The “Seated Figure 4” is not terribly effective for the piriformis. You might have better luck lying down and putting a tennis ball under your buttocks. And never, ever round your back doing any of these. Ever.

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Telegraph.UK: Why was the new Tarzan trained by the Royal Ballet?

One could posit that this ‘training’ was merely remembering our natural state ...

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Cool Tools: Crane Bicycle Bell.

Class in brass.

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BBC: Briton Leslie Binns abandons Everest peak to save fellow climber.

Leslie Binns, 42, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, turned around to save Sunita Hazra, an Indian woman, who was scaling the summit ahead of him.” Not many do this ... good on you, sir.

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Coolist: 17 Best Hiking Boots for Heading Into Thin Air.

I love my Asolo TPS 520 GV boots. Owned ‘em for years, never needed breaking in. And, they have my initials!

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Bicycling: Pro Rider Finishes Tour of the Gila on Fan’s Mountain Bike.

... Allison will probably go down in Gila history as the first pro rider to finish a stage on an old Stumpjumper ...” Oh, this rocks, in just so many ways ...

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NBC: Bodies of Elite Climber Alex Lowe, Cameraman Found in Glacier 16 Years Later.

Preserved in blue ice. It’s going to be odd to see them unaged for 16 years. RIP.

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Mashable: IKEA rides into flat pack transportation with its own bicycle.

What’s not to like? Belt drive and a usable centerstand/kickstand. Well thought out. Put the heavy stuff on the back, though. Never overweight your turning wheel (personal experience - I have the road rash to prove it).

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Bicycling: This Piece of Gym Equipment Has 362 Times More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat.

But the worst offender? Free weights. Next time you go to pick up your favorite 15-pounders for bicep curls, keep in mind that researchers discovered that these babies had 362 times (!!!) more bacteria than a toilet seat. Excuse us while we go invest in some hand sanitizer …” ICK ICK ICK.

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