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Mashable/AP: Police tighten Tour de France security after urine is thrown at British rider.

I certainly wouldn’t blame the public for this. I would blame some of the reporting on the race that has been very irresponsible.” We know this from American politics, don’t we?

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AdequateMan: An Adult’s Guide To Learning To Ride A Bicycle.

Harrumph. {clears throat} I respectfully beg to differ. I’d rather, if I were learning again - at any age - use an MTB-type upright with handbrakes. Seat low enough to plank both feet flat on the ground. On a gentle grassy hill. Get used to coasting, balancing the bike, legs out to catch if wobbly. Walk back up, repeat. The fear of falling dissipates. Start gentle turns. Try pedaling. Before you know it, you’ll have it. No shredded skin.

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Calf pull remedy?

I have a new theory about why I blow out my calf tendons every spring/summer as I start back into walking/jogging/running. All winter I spend in front of the computer - significant hours working. I slide my feet behind the base of my chair, propped up on toes. Shortening my Achilles tendon as efficiently as women’s high heels, really. I’ve started the habit of stretching that tendon every time I get up from the chair ... and it seems to have provided nearly instantaneous improvement. It was terribly painful to stretch even a little bit beyond vertical when I started. Now I can stretch almost horizontal. How fast our bodies adapt!

Now I feel foolish I never noticed.

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Bicycling: Tour de France Stage 11 Preview.

Makes my quads ache just lookin’ at it.

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IdeaFit: The Science of Suspension Exercise.

Hmmm. Take note of the lumbar compression information. Definitely pay attention to form. [I own a TRX, and a gippy lower back.]

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BBC: Washington state plane crash girl, 16, hikes to safety.

Remarkable common sense. Follows a water source to a road. Good on her.

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LIfehacker: The Bicycle Backpacking Bag.

Of casual interest. Always interested in lightening/compacting my loads.

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YosemiteBlog: Rockfall Reshapes Iconic Half Dome Climb.

What used to be relatively easy climbing has gotten much more difficult.

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c|net: Inflatable anti-drowning device sits on your wrist like a mini life raft.

I love it when the simple, obvious solution finally finds a manufacturer.

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Bicycling: Best Ways to Watch the Tour de France on TV or Online.

FYI. Great for spinning or treadmilling at the gym.

Later: Speak of the Devil, maybe not today. Ouch. A lot of pain, there. Authorities and racers are already edgy about camera-wielding selfie and enthusiast photographers, not to mention selfie sticks and other lethal impediments to racing.

Even later: Good lord.

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Italian Ways: The art of cycling in Italy.

Scroll to the last few. Centaur with busy factory in the background? Angel wings being tied to the pedals? Recommendations to the proletariat.

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YT: Bradley Wiggins FULL One Hour Record Attempt [07.06.2015] - 54,526 KM.

Congratulations, Sir Bradley!

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SB Nation: Unclimbable.

It is, I tell people, the best natural campsite I have ever visited. It’s also among the most beautiful eyefuls of landscape I’ve ever seen — its rock walls more overpowering than Zion’s, in Utah, its evening light more perfect than Hawaii’s, its peaks more menacing than Denali, and its stillness more complete than the deep rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula.”  Thanks, MeFi.

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DP Review: f-stop gear introduces four additions to its Mountain Series of tough terrain bags.

Ooooh. I wonder if a rental house will pick some up.

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NY Times: Couple’s Kayak Trip on Hudson Included Missteps and Dangers, Experts Say.

This one is bizarre. Every time a new article on this incident shows up in my feed, I look for new clues.

What gets me is not the accused, and the attempts at using cultural excuses for her post-incident behavior. It’s the ‘experts’ weighing in. Everyone around NM has a whitewater kayak rotting in their backyard, in various states of disrepair. When season comes, they get used - drain plugs or not. They’re simply awful - AWFUL - on open water in wind and current. They have flat bottoms and wind can push you around wherever you want. Yet folks still use ‘em on lakes. I’d like to say even the biggest fool knows to wear a PFD, yet I see folks consistently go out on flat water with none, thinking flat water is ‘safer’ than whitewater. Whitewater kayaks are designed to roll easily - if you enter the water without a PFD, it’s often suicide. Further, it seems these folks had no sprayskirts (preventing water from entering the cockpit), no paddle-leashes, in addition to the other important equipment mentioned in this article. Saying these two were ‘experienced’ kayakers is ridiculous. Two people went out for an ‘adventure’, completely unprepared for the conditions. Whether she left him to drown or not, it wasn’t ‘kayak sabotage’, given the current clues. And there’s not enough circumstantial evidence to convict, if the jury’s honest.

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NY Times: Dean Potter, Extreme Climber, Dies in BASE-Jumping Accident at Yosemite.

Flying in wingsuits, they tried to clear a notch in the granite cliffs but instead smashed into the rocks in quick succession.” Are we seeing a spike of excessive risk-taking, now that folks can record their own exploits so easily?

Later: I assume the notch on the right.

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ScienceDaily: Drug perks up old muscles and aging brains.

A new study shows that a drug that blocks TGF-beta1, which is now being tested for its anticancer properties, makes brain and muscle tissue more youthful.” No doubt, the new ‘T-shops’ opening all over the country will be quite interested.

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Bicycling: Jobst Brandt Passes Away.

His most recognizable contribution to cycling is his book, The Bicycle Wheel. The definitive tome was first published in 1981 and it is still in print.” A copy of which sits in my shelves. RIP, good sir.

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Priceonomics: Hiking the 2,650-Mile Pacific Crest Trail.

The film adaptation of Wild, released in December 2014, has inspired the largest influx of hikers to ever apply for PCT permits. Last week, some 3,500 hikers were reported to have launched from the trail’s southern terminus. Gauged with previous figures — 1,870 in 2013, and 2,655 in 2014 — that’s nearly a 200% increase over two years.” One of the many reasons, when you come across a special place ... you shut the h-e-double-toothpick up. Yet to save some places, one must reveal them. The great modern outdoors-lover’s quandary.

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Picky Bars Smooth Caffeinator.

Gluten free, dairy free, and soy free.” I don’t generally do ‘energy’ bars, but for biking, this might be pretty cool fuel.

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Lifehacker: Get in Shape With This 11-Minute Fighter Pilots’ Workout.

ROTFLMAO. I’ve been waiting for someone like Lifehacker to find the RCAF Exercise book for *years*. This was like the first physical fitness phenomenon in history. HUGE in the ‘60’s.  Everyone was doing it. Ladies watched Jack LaLanne. Men did not. Men bought this book, and at least went through the motions. Everybody’s dad had a copy in the *living room*.

Does it work? My old man used it religiously through the middle portion of the ‘60’s. He stayed in good shape - but he was also a walker. A *serious* walker. If there’s one inheritance he left me, it’s the propensity to stay in shape via regular, solo walking. 

I should say “marching.”  Dad never could drop his habit of using the Marine Corps cadence. When he and I would walk anywhere, he’d continually ‘hitch’ his gate so our legs would be in sequence.

And I haven’t thought of that in years. Thanks, LH.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Middle-aged businessmen are winning amateur cycling races on EPO’.

Masters races were said to have middle-aged businessmen winning on EPO, with some of them training as hard as professional riders and putting in comparable performances.”  Seems it’s true.

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Archaeology News Network: Potential jousting casualty unearthed at Hereford.

... there is a considerable amount of evidence suggesting this man was involved in some form of violent activity and the locations of his injuries do match quite closely what might be expected from taking part in mock battles. The fact that he was still doing this after he was 45 suggests he must have been very tough’.” ‘Tough’ ain’t reserved for the young, writer.

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Guardian.UK: Sylvie Guillem - ‘You dance, and there is always an answer’.

Some have ledes about her being “a car mechanic’s daughter” for the sensationalism; more informative is the fact her mother was a gymnastics instructor. Ms Guillem, your unique artistry will be missed.

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Art of Manliness: WWII Workout Week - Posture Training.

Reminds me of the old RCAF Exercise book from the ‘60’s.

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