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NY Times:

Paul Newman is still HUD.

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Foreign Policy:

Think Again: The United Nations.  By Madeleine K. Albright.  My favorite excerpt: “The United Nations has no armed forces of its own, no power of arrest, no authority to tax, no right to confiscate, no ability to regulate, no capacity to override treaties, and despite the paranoia of some no black helicopters poised to swoop down upon innocent homes in the middle of the night and steal lawn furniture.”

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Roll Call:


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Apparently, the British dossier failed to reveal an ‘imminent threat’ from Iraq.  And you can read the contents of the email.

Later: The UNMOVIC/IAEA inspected Ibn Sina on the 12th of December, 2002.

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Federal Times:

Fewer to get overtime: new labor rules mean big changes for many Feds.  “While the salary level below which an employee automatically receives overtime would increase from $250 a week to $425 a week, other changes would make it easier for employers to deny overtime. Employees without college degrees and those earning at least $65,000 a year would find it more difficult to retain their time-and-a-half pay.”  Don’t have a college degree? Well, just pick a comfortable spot under my thumb, here ...

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Times of India:

Texas Senator urges Congress to tackle migration reform.  Now, I’ve never heard of los ‘Braceros.’ More info, and some pics.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Mexican migrant workers, for our victory in World War 2.  Now, that piece of history, I was totally unaware of.

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New York Times Op-Ed:

Bob Herbert, “Staying in the dark.”  Can be summed up as, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  I’m getting awfully tired of the terrorist paranoia, however.  Every breakdown in infrastructure, every fire, every mishandled airplane, we hear the “what if terrorists are organizing to do this?  When, oh when, will anyone admit that terrorism needs a systemic – not a topical – solution?

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The Economist:

Two articles of note.  First, ‘The Morning After,’ on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s candidacy.  “The smart money is still on Mr Schwarzenegger.”  It’ll be a good gauge of the Economist’s accuracy going in to 2004. 

Also, ‘Manifest Destiny, warmed up?’, continuing the discussion on the tired old saw of American imperialism.  I don’t think imperialism is the point; you don’t need to run the world.  Merely control the most important resources.  Hard to take imperialism seriously when China holds most of our debt, eh?

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

The Tex-Exodus update ... Republicans vote to fine absent Democrats.  Someone in Texas should set up a Paypal donation site.

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New York Times, Maureen Dowd:

Blah, Blah, Blog.  “It could be amusing if the pols posted unblushing, unedited diaries of what they were really thinking, as real bloggers do.”

Just testing to see extended entries.

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