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TechDirt: Trump Joins Clinton In Pushing For Cyberwar.

Cybersecurity is mostly a defensive game, and it should remain that way. Encrypt everything possible. Disconnect critical infrastructure from the wider network wherever possible, and do everything to stop attackers from getting in, taking down, or mucking with systems.

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TechDirt: J & J Warns Insulin Pump Owners They Could Be Killed By Hackers.

Holy Hannah.

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AppleInsider: macOS, Windows Spotify Free users plagued by malicious website pop-ups.


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NBC: Hackers Target Election Systems in 20 States.

Dead tree ballots. Insist on a receipt, at least.

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“The Cyber” took the top of my head off.

I mean, really folks. Seriously? Oh wait ... the sigh bear. Listen to the sigh bear.

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The Register: Evernote dumps its own bit barn, boards Google’s cloud.

My goodness. Well, they should save a great deal of money and overhead, no?

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Youtube: Eagles away! Dutch police unveil latest recruits against drones.

Hmmm. As I’ve mentioned before, drone operators (after many crashes) tend to upgrade the propellers to lighter, stronger carbon fiber. Those CF blades are sharper than a conventional steak knife. The eagles, unless they have stronger feet than I imagine, could end up severely injured.

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Macworld: Google Earth’s Mac updater isn’t malware, but deserved your suspicions.

Freaked me out, too.

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The Verge: Adblock Plus has already defeated Facebook’s new ad blocking restrictions.


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Guardian.UK: UT Tower shooting survivor speaks out against new campus carry law in Texas.

There’s a lot of debating going on within university and faculty about what they can and cannot say regarding guns in classrooms and to me it’s just a shame that we’re even having these discussions. It’s just wrong to have guns be allowed in a classroom where you can’t have your cellphone or eat a hamburger.” It is ridiculous.

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c|net: Dems hit by another hack.

Hmmm. Timing’s fishy. This hurts Trump more than Hillary, after his recent ‘supposed sarcasm.’

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TechDirt: DNC Claims That Wikileaks Has ‘Malware Embedded Throughout The Site’.

We’ve seen various organizations impacted by Wikileaks come up with all sorts of excuses and claims about why people shouldn’t use the site, but “the site is embedded with malware” is a new one. It also seems hellishly unlikely.

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Were the DNC emails ‘tampered with’?

This is the original article for this rumor, being widely misinterpreted. Scroll down to paragraph beginning “The metadata in the leaked documents ...” and read from there (if you want to cut to the chase on this subject).

Money quote: “Although so far the actual content of the leaked documents appears not to have been tampered with, manipulation would fit an established pattern of operational behaviour in other contexts, such as troll farms or planting fake media stories.”

The media is presenting this all over the ideological map. Beware what/who you believe on this one.

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Register.UK: Flaws found in security products from AVG, Symantec and McAfee.

Microsoft is brewing a patch for Detours due to drop next month which will help to address matters.” Hoo boy. Back up your stuff, Win users.

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AppleInsider: Another Mac-specific malware pops up.

Another FYI. Leave Gatekeeper configured to identify developers.

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AI: New Mac malware can remotely access FaceTime camera.


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New Scientist: Study of 1 million sites shows just how closely we’re watched.

Narayanan and Englehardt discovered that many trackers are sharing the information they gather with at least one other party, sometimes dozens of times. The audit also revealed several previously unknown ‘fingerprinting’ techniques that sites are using.

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Blog.Filippo.IO: Untrusting an intermediate CA on OS X.

Jeez, man. Thanks, Dan Lyke on FB.

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WaPo: Why a staggering number of Americans have stopped using the Internet the way they used to.

The research suggests some consumers are reaching a tipping point where they feel they can no longer trust using the Internet for everyday activities.

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WaPo: Scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails.

One official said prosecutors are wrestling with the question of whether Clinton intended to violate the rules, and so far, the evidence seemed to indicate she did not.

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Mashable: Millions of email names, passwords hacked in giant data breach, report says.

So, to be safe, change passwords on Google and Yahoo.

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Register.UK: Server-jacking exploits for ImageMagick are so trivial, you’ll scream.

FYI. Ugh. Our weblogs stand atop a house of cards ...

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Atlas Obscura: Safe Zones For Exchanging Internet Purchases Are Popping Up Around the U.S.

Good idea. I bought a used piece of photo equipment over CompuServe (back in the Stone Age), and met the seller at a rest stop on the southern portion of the NJ Turnpike. Skeevy as all hell - didn’t realize how clandestine it would feel until I actually arrived. Probably considered sexist of me, but for a woman alone - highly unadvisable.

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Techdirt: The Chilling Effect Of Mass Surveillance Quantified.

A study from PEN America writers found that 1 in 6 writers had curbed their content out of fear of surveillance and showed that writers are ‘not only overwhelmingly worried about government surveillance, but are engaging in self-censorship as a result.’” Hell, I know I’m thinking twice, thrice before posting certain phrases for fear of misunderstanding.

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Mashable: How to disable Chrome notifications.

Useful. Evernoted, to forward to clients.

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