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Authority Nutrition: Pre-Workout Nutrition - What to Eat Before a Workout.

Handy. I’ve not had good luck with protein. If running, bananas ... otherwise, not. My problem is having enough carb/sugar fuel to last an hour of hard work. Still experimenting. My onsite backup is a bottle of diluted Gatorade, to keep me suffering in good stead ...

09/06/16 • 02:27 PM • FoodHealthPhysical Fitness • (2) Comments


I once made a trail mix of dates and sunflower seeds (shelled) for a marathon. Worked OK, but I was pretty sick of both for a long while after.

Posted by mgr on 09/06/16 at 06:30 PM

Yeah. Concorso’s coming up. I’ll end up eating canned chicken and frozen veg for like a week before. No controversial foods to make my digestive system unreliable. And because restaurants aren’t good with GF ingredients, cross-contamination, I can’t socialize. It’s work, process, work, process, work, process ...

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 09/06/16 at 07:34 PM


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