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I’m going to say it again. November 1 and November 8. Hillary, inoculate yourself.

The new ACA rates come out on November 1. Election is November 8. The new rates are going to sink you, Ms Clinton, unless you do something NOW. Your polling margins are terribly slim. Even three days of the 24/7 news cycle can sink you. Please listen, take my advice. DO SOMETHING. Don’t just shimmy.

I told everyone back when this started that the media would do their utmost to make this entire political season a 50/50 horserace. They have done so through simply terrible journalistic practice and false equivalence. When you’ve blogged through as many elections as I have, and had to suffer Bush/Gore, you know the territory. Sometimes I hate being right.

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Not just being right. It’s the being right, AGAIN.

Posted by Hal B. Rager on 09/29/16 at 04:07 PM

She needs:

1. A quick and deep ACA fix.
2. A sudden epiphany about a middle class tax cut, even if just a faux motion in that direction.
3. To continue to sell her values hard and her belief in a better America tomorrow. Positivity and optimism get the votes, not negativity (Seligman, “Learned Optimism”).

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 09/29/16 at 05:05 PM


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