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Men’s Journal: Exercising Saves You Money — Here’s Exactly How Much.

The researchers broke the subjects out by the number of cardiovascular risk factors they had (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, age, even income), and among the overall healthiest, folks who didn’t work out sunk an additional $500 into health care.

I was shocked, when trolling the ACA’s database. They consider “medium” use to include *19* prescriptions during a one-year period. I haven’t taken a prescription med in 20 years; if I can alter diet or increase exercise, I do it. Genetics helps too, no question. And my age is increasing, so it’s only a matter of time. But sheesh. Is the average person really taking that many drugs?

09/09/16 • 01:48 PM • EconomicsHealthPhysical Fitness • 1 Comment


I don’t even take aspirin, better half two scripts, two OTC depending on allergies

Posted by Emmett on 09/09/16 at 05:37 PM


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