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naked cap: ObamaCare Death Spiral Accelerates as Aetna Pulls out of the Exchanges.

The [insurance company] dropouts also undermine a key promise of the law: multiple insurers would compete for consumers’ business each year, and the power of the market would control costs and raise quality. Instead, the opposite is happening.” My italic emphasis.

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“Aetna CEO Threatened Obamacare Pullout If Feds Opposed Humana Merger”

Just another tycoon (I think I’ll use that term a lot for the next 60 days) trying to vend government to his will

Posted by Emmett on 08/18/16 at 02:51 AM

One of my better typos, if I do say so

Posted by Emmett on 08/18/16 at 02:57 AM


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