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PS Mag: The Sand Fire in Santa Clarita Offers Omens of a Fiery Future.

Southern California’s latest wildfire is a sign of things to come.” Um, no. Las Conchas was. To be honest, I think Cerro Grande [2000] was the harbinger. But Las Conchas burned roughly 1 acre per second - 43,000 acres - on the first day. Because we’re not near either of the two coasts, apparently precedent doesn’t matter.

07/24/16 • 07:24 PM • NatureNews • (2) Comments


Oh Me, Me, Me

Of course you don’t matter ‘cept to us.

Posted by Emmett on 07/24/16 at 07:52 PM

[standing in the wilderness with his hand raised, crisped]

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 07/24/16 at 08:42 PM


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