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ScienceDaily: Venus to appear in once-in-a-lifetime event.

Transits occur in pairs separated by eight years, with the gap between pairs of transits alternating between 105.5 and 121.5 years — the last transit was in 2004.” Last chance.

05/02/12 • 01:46 PM • NatureScience • (2) Comments


I remember the transit in 2004, I talked about it in my higher-level physics classes back then and even did some calculations with the 12th-graders. Of course I had totally forgotten that the next transit was this year, so thanks for reminding me!

Posted by Andrea on 05/02/12 at 02:54 PM

Thank you so much for this link!

Posted by Evelyn in Iowa City on 05/02/12 at 05:43 PM


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