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TechDirt: Trump Joins Clinton In Pushing For Cyberwar.

Cybersecurity is mostly a defensive game, and it should remain that way. Encrypt everything possible. Disconnect critical infrastructure from the wider network wherever possible, and do everything to stop attackers from getting in, taking down, or mucking with systems.

10/05/16 • 04:27 PM • InternetPoliticsSecurity • (2) Comments


A pretty good article.
The soundbyte is appealing but the thing many fail to appreciate about cyberwar is the battleground is in the same space as your Direct Deposit and your order from Amazon.

There is no non-civilian battlefront in that war.

Posted by Emmett on 10/05/16 at 06:29 PM

Good point.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 10/05/16 at 07:49 PM


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