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The American Prospect:

What do mothers want?  “She has few public voices helping her to clarify her dilemma or pointing to ways out of it. Politicians ignore her plight, and conservatives denounce her as a selfish, “privileged” whiner. The current put-down and silencer is no longer, ‘You’re neurotic’ but, ‘It’s your choice! No one made you have those kids; now suck it up and take the consequences!’”  And yet, if a woman chooses childlessness, they’re stigmatized too.  No win.

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Keep switching goals around on the template until one of them fits. How about the motive isn’t all fuzzy and odd, but is the actual disempowerment of women? Hobbling.
Or certain kinds of women. All women until the certain kind can be isolated and dealt with.
The Handmaid’s Epic.
It isn’t men doing it though that’s important to remember. A certain kind of men. It’s a molding of the species. Shaping. Weeding out. Culling.

Posted by Lance Boyle on 06/16/04 at 06:14 PM


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