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Valet.: Forget the Man Cave. You Want a Gentleman’s Study.

Someday, I hope to do something Hemingway-esque for my office. The ones pictured here — too contemporary. Hit Craiglist and local consignment. Better stuff.

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The professor’s study from My Fair Lady, or the study at Skywalker ranch

Posted by Emmett on 08/24/16 at 01:21 PM

Incandescent lamps (only because oil isn’t all that safe).
Pity about not smoking a pipe though…

Posted by Dan B on 08/24/16 at 02:59 PM

You can have a humidor without smoking. Kinda pricey potpourri.

I had a link to a candle company nailed leather, smoke in a candle; I’ll look

Posted by Emmett on 08/24/16 at 03:38 PM

Garrett is becoming my memory:


Posted by Emmett on 08/24/16 at 03:43 PM

I actually have two pipes. Haven’t smoked ‘em in an age ... and I have a small packet of tobacco on my desk here, for the occasional sniff. I love the smell of raw tobacco.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 08/24/16 at 04:04 PM

...and I title my links page, “Circular References”?

“Yeah, I’ll just search DM for that old memory; I’m sure garret linked it.”

No room to complain on room scents: I keep a SF French Roast K-pod (borrowed from the breakroom) on my keyboard tray some days.

Posted by Dan B on 08/24/16 at 04:35 PM


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